The Remix - step sheet (by request)

  Video ( by Karl-Harry,Yvonne at Windy City)

Summer Wind - step sheet

  Video ( by Jo, Rachael at Reno) 

Reviews : Feel The Light, Rolling Down Under.

Playlist :50 Ways, Careless Whisper, Cheesecake, Coochie Bang Bang, Countrified Soul, Darling Hold My Hand, And Get It On, Girl Crush, Have Fun Go Mad, Hypnotized, P-51, Say Geronimo, Throw Away The Key, Uptown Funk, Wakey Wakey, The Way You Look. 

Also reviewed : Like A Phoenix, Living To Love You, Run, Sugar Rush, Whispering, WTF.

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 Feel The Light 

  Video (by Roy H. in France)

Rolling Down Under - step sheet

  Video (by Simon)

Reviews : Coochie Bang Bang, Careless Whisper.

Playlist : All The Way Down, Countrified Soul, Eternal Secret, Feel, And Get It On, New York 2 LA, The Other Side, P-51, Poetry In Motion, Right To Be Wrong, Rolling In The Deep, Scarlet Devil, Sultry, Swing Time Boogie, Tribal Heartbeat, Ugly Heart, Walk Alone, With These Eyes, Wonder Train, WTF.

Requests : Feel, Right To Be Wrong.

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Careless Whisper - step sheet

  Video (by Paul in Las Vegas, 2006)

  Video (by Paul in Orlando, 2012)

Coochie Bang Bang - step sheet

  Video (by Scott) 

Reviews : Countrified Soul, And Get It On, P-51.

Playlist : Alcazar, All The Way Down, Breathe Easy, Blue Finger Lou, Break Free Cha, Cha Cha Burn, Fly High, Goodbye Cha, Hit The Floor, I Hope You Find It, Jump On A Ride, No Man's Land, Tribal Heartbeat, Turn The Beat Around, Ugly Heart, WTF.

Additional reviews : Amame, Come Dance With Me, Imelda's Way.

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Countrified Soul - step sheet

And Get It On - step sheet

P-51 (aka Come With Me) - step sheet

  Video (by Niels)

Reviews : Goodbye Cha, Turn The Beat Around, Leave Me.

Playlist : All I Can Say, All The Way Down, Cha Cha Burn, Down To The River, Dream Lover, Fireball(Will Craig), Five More Hours, Ghost, Hey Go, Hit The Floor, Hurt Me Carefully, Jump On A Ride, MJ Classic, Tribal Heartbeat, Ugly Heart, Whispering, WTF.

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Goodbye Cha - step sheet

Turn The Beat Around - step sheet

Leave Me - step sheet

  Video (by Cathy)(注意看Grace 和 Dorthy也在video內)

Reviews : All The Way Down, Tribal Heartbeat, Ugly Heart.

Playlist : Ain't Wot U Do, Bang, Beast of Burden, Bo$$, Bubbles Dahhhling, Five More Hours, Girl Crush, McMotion, MJ Classic, Sugar Rush,  A Thousand Miles, Whispering, WTF, Yes.

Recommend : My Love, Forgive Me !


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顧曼娜老師與學生們將於10月24日星期六下午1:00 到5:00舉辦Line Dance Social Party, 我將前往參加, 歡迎各位同好們踴躍參加, 地址 : 台北市文山區景後街151號4樓, 文山區景新區民活動中心, 若有問題, 請和顧老師聯絡 :

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All The Way Down - step sheet

  Video ( by Ria)

Tribal Heartbeat - step sheet

Ugly Heart - step sheet (updated)

  Video - ( by Niels) 

Whispering - step sheet (4/20/'15 updated) 

Reviews : Five More Hours, MJ Classic, WTF.

Playlist : Ain't No Angel, Bo$$, Darling Hold My Hand, Girl Crush, Hard To Say It, Just Let It Go, Like A Phoenix, Love Me Like You Do, Love Never Felt So Good, Pull The Trigger, Sugar Rush, Up, Walking On Air, Whispering.

Recommend : Boogie Wonderland - step sheet

                                                  video (by Darren)

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Five More Hours - step sheet

MJ Classic - step sheet

  Video (by Rob at Boston Showdown workshop)

WTF (What The France) - step sheet (corrected)

  Video (by Joey) 

Reivews : Sugar Rush, Whispering.

Playlist : Ain't No Angel, Bang, Bo$$, Girl Crush, Hypnotized, Like A Phoenix, Mystery of You, No Regrets, Run, Suite 215, Wakey Wakey, The Way You Look.

Request : Right To Be Wrong.

Recommend : Down to The Wire - step sheet


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 Sugar Rush - step sheet

  Video (by Trevor)

Whispering (by Joey Warren)- step sheet is not released yet.

  Video (full demo by Joey)


Reviews : Bo$$, Girl Crush.

Playlist : AK Freak, Ain't No Angel, Alcazar, All Of Me, Beneath It All, Cheesecake, Coming Unplugged, Darling Hold My Hand, Get My Name, Hard To Say It, Have Fun Go Mad, Like A Phoneix, My Biscuit, No Regrets, Off The Chain, One Less, Playing With Fire, Right To Be Wrong, Shades Of Passion, Suite 215, Trespassing. 

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Bo$$ - step sheet

  Video ( by Scott, Rhoda and Johanna at Boston Showdown)(4/05/'15 updated)

Girl Crush - step sheet

  Video ( by Rachael) 


Reviews : Like A Phoenix, No Regrets.

Playlist : Ain't No Angel, Chicago Bonfire, Darling Hold My Hand, Doesn't Mean Goodbye, To Eternity, Feel, Language Of The Heart, Lipz, Love Me Like You Do, No Regrets, Poker Face, Ritmo, Suite 215, Uptown Funk, The Way You Look, WOW  Tokyo, Yes. 

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