Reviews:I'll Be Home Soon,Vanotek Cha.

Playlist:Buona Sera Senorita,Coochie Bang Bang,Do It Like Thies,Familiar,Five Million Pieces,Fragile,I Won't Let You Down,Just Drunk Enough,Leave A Light On,Put The Gun Down,Taking Chances,Thy Will,The Violin,Witness,We're In Heaven.

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**No class next week, May 17th, 2018.

I'll Be Home Soon(Jo&John K,Jef),Venotek Cha(Gary O).

Reviews:Familiar,Leave A Light On,Taking Chances.

Playlist:Addicted,Come Alive,Corazon Diamante,Do It Like This,Gypsy In The Night,Lost,Put The Gun Down,Run Me Like A River,Sunshine Twist,Tightrope,Watch The Tempo,You Are The Reason.

Request:Private Dancers,To The Moon & Back,Let Me Keep You Warm.

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Familiar(Maggie G),Leave A Light On(Guilliaum),Taking Chances(Ria V).

Reviews:Do It Like This,Put The Gun Down,Sunshine Twist.

Playlist:Don't Stay For Me,Let It Out,Let Me Keep You Warm,Maniac,Mood Swing,Private Dancers,Pull You Through,See You Strut,Something I Can't Have,TipToe,Watch The Tempo,5-10-15 Swing.

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Do It Like This(Scott B),Sunshine Twist(Fred W),Put The Gun Down(Bradley M).

Reviews:Watch The Tempo.

Playlist:Acoustic Love,Best Mistakes,Boots,Celtic Duo,Follow My Footprints,Funk The Preacher Man,I Won't Let You Down,Let Me Keep You Warm,Mood Swing,Off The Chain,Open My Heart,See You Strut,Shady,Something I Can't Have,85.

Request:Turn Away.

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Watch The Tempo (Gemma,Joey,Guillaume,Fred)

Reviews:Mood Swing,Something I Can't Have.

Playlist:50 Shades In Heaven,Blue Sky,Come Alive,Cut Me Down,Don't Cry Anymore,Dunk It,Feel,Guilty As Hell,Hurts Like A Cha Cha,Imagine,Lay It Back,A Lesson In Love,Lights Down Low,Love Remains,No Stress,Serious Love,Sexy Beaches,So Tied Up,Still Got the Blues,Straight To The Castle,TipToe,Tender Heart,Tension,Turn Away,You Are The Reason.

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2018/4/21 12:00~17:00



下載 Social party playlist (4/13更新版)


***中午12點準時開始. (有準備點心, 水果和飲料)

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Something I Can't Have(Neville,Julie),Mood Swing(Maddison,Chris,Simon) 

Reviews:Celtic Duo,Let Me Keep You Warm, See You Strut.

Playlist:Beautiful Wonderful,Come Alive,Down,I Am Your Man,I Won't Let You Down,Imagine,Just Drunk Enough,Lost,Murder My Heart,No Sun On Sunday,Part-Time Girlfriend,Perfect,Power Mix,She Used To Be Mine,Tightrope,You And I.

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Celtic Duo(Maggie,Gary),Let Me Keep You Warm(Dee M). 

Reviews:I Won't Let You Down,Lost.

Playlist:Come Alive,Follow My Footprints,Gypsy In The Night,The Last Word,Mates of Soul,NY Cha,Obsessed,Pull You Through,Serious Love,Sexy Beaches,TipToe,Trompeta,Turn Away,Vaiven.

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新增舞曲 (3/23/'18) - 1.Bring Down The Rain 2.Come Alive 3.Coming Unplugge 4.Gypsy In The Night 5.Just Drunk Enough 6.Lost 7.Love Remains 8.Oh Carol ! 9.So Tied Up 10.Tightrope 11.TipToe 12.Turn Away 13.Vaiven 14.You Are The Reason 15.50 Shades In Heaven.

4/15/'18 公佈播放順序.

1.3 Rules 2.Bound To You 3.Dunk It 4.First Thing First 5.It's Up To You 6.Lonely Drum 7.Murder My Heart 8.Nancy Mulligan 9.Sexy Beaches 10.She Used To Be Mine 11.Straight To The Castle 12.Summer Sway 13.Sweet Caroline 14.Take Me To The River 15.Tender Heart 16.That Ceiling Feeling 17.The Queen 18.Trompeta 19.True Believer,20.Vegas Baby.

下次更新新増加的舞名日期 :12/29/'17.

1.Beautiful Wonderful 2.Blue Sky 3.Break Free Cha 4.Burning 5.Dame Mas 6.Don't Cry Anymore 7.Equal Love 8.Feel 9.Here Right Here 10.Lady In Red 11.Lay It Back 12.Lights Down Low 13.Mates Of Soul 14.Meaning Of Life 15.No Sun On Sunday 16.NY Cha 17.Obsessed 18.Part-Time Girlfriend 19.Strip That Down 20.To The Moon & Back.


1.Beautiful In My Eyes 2.Cut Me Down 3.Down 4.Hide and Seek (Niels) 5.Guilty As Hell 6.Hurts Like A Cha Cha 7.I Am Your Man 8.Imagine(Gemma R) 9.The Last Word 10.A Lesson In Love 11.No Stress 12.Old Bones 13.Paris In The Rain 14.Perfect 15.Power Mix 16.Serious Love 17.Still Got The Blues 18.Take Me To The Water 19.Tension 20.You And I (Oli G).

很高興這次的party有那麼多人熱衷地告知自己所喜歡的舞, request超過100首, 然而時間有限,故先以多數人要求的為優先決定,以上60首舞將近四個小時, 因為距離4/21尚有三個多月, 在這段期間內有幾個workshop, 預估會有些新舞, 所以預留一個小時, 各位參加的人如果有喜歡的新舞可以隨時告訴我以便加入播放單內,否則會將其它40幾首requests中遞補一些到播放舞單𥚃,下次公佈新增舞曲為3/23/'18.



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I Won't Let You Down(Debbie,Scott),Lost(Daniel,Raymond,Darren).

Reviews : Come Alive.

Playlist:3 Rules,50 Shades In Heaven,Bound To You,Don't Stay For Me,First Thing First,Five Million Pieces,Follow My Footprints,Guilty As Hell,Gypsy In The Night,Here Right Here,Hide And Seek,Paris In The Rain,Strip That Down,Tender Heart,Tension,TipToe.

Requested:Break Free Cha.

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