1.All Of Me 2.Back Again(RobbieH) 3.Better As One(Fred & Darren) 4.Blue Sky 5.Boots 6.Calm Down 7.Cherry On Top 8.Chicago Gold 9.Colorful 10.Coochie Bang Bang 11.Cooler Than Cool 12.Crystal Touch 13.Cuban Moon 14.Dare To Love(Gary & Maggie) 15.Do Si Do(RachaelW) 16.Do What I Do 17.Don't Think About You 18.Everybody Get Nuts(Cody,Roy & Fiona) 19.Extraordinary Waltz 20.Faithful Soul 21.Feel The Heat(Maddison,Jose & Roy) 22.Fire On Fire 23.Genetics 24.Goodbye Cha 25.Have Fun Go Mad 26.Head To Toes(Romain & Guillaume) 27.Hold Your Horses 28.Honestly 29.I Got You 30.Juicy Fruit 31.Keeping Me Alive (Rachael W) 32.La Bomba 33.Levitating(Roy & Fiona) 34.Life After Love(Jonno L) 35.Liverpool Fling 36.Love Never Felt So Good 37.Murder My Heart 38.Never Change You(Shane M) 39.Nobody(Jessica) 40.Nobody(Scott B) 41.Perfect 42.Pieces 43.Poetry In Motion 44.Rolling With Love 45.Say I Won't(Jose & Roy) 46.Secrets We Keep 47.Senorita La La La 48.Shot Of Tequila 49.Soul Shake 50.Southern Dreams 51.Stomp Down 52. Storybook Ending(NeilH) 53.Swing Time Boogie 54.Take A Look At This 55.Teeth 56.Texas Connection 57.Thank You Very Much 58.Unforgettable(Darren B) 59.Vaiven 60.Vampire City 61.Vancouver Fireworks (Jef & Roy) 62.When You Smile 63.Wintergreen 64.Wiser & Older 65.Witness(Fred & Darren) 66.Woke Up Late 67.Yes I Can 68.You Need To Calm Down(Adrian & Jessica) 69.YNO 70.You're The Hero

紅色字體為更改新增舞名, 7/25/'20公佈最後party 舞單, 有任何 request, 歡迎再告知, 8/15 Party當天預計保留30-40分鐘給各位現場點播, 有興趣的人請自備音樂以防萬一.


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