Just Dance(Debbie,Niels P), Salsa Perdon (Rachael W).

***Schedule changed : pot luck from 11:00AM - 2:30PM

                                       class from 3:00PM - 5:00PM***.

Reviews : Mad Crazy Love, Simply The Best.

Playlist : Happier, I Hope,In The Six, Sweet and Mentally Insane,This Is Us, We Love It.

Request:Working On Me.


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Mad Crazy Love (Gary O),Simply The Best(Maddison & Rachael).

Reviews: I Hope,In The Six,Sweet and Mentally Insane.

Playlist:Back In Town,Can't Ya See, Dem De Go,Everybody Feel Good,Footprints In The Sand,Happier,I Am Giant,Jesse James,Just A Phase,The Language of Love,Love Rush,Nothing But You,Run Me Like A River,Scandalous,Taps,This Is Us,Uptown Funk,Vancouver Firworks,We Love It,You & Me Together.

Request : Goodbye Cha.

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*** No Class on next Thursday, 4th April 2019.***

I Hope (MaggieG), In The Six(Shane,Joey), Sweet And Mentally Insane(WillC).

Reviews : This Is Us,We Love It.

Playlist: The Bounce,Break Free Cha,Can't Ya See,Colors,Don't Say You Love Me,Don't Think About You,Falling Walls,Feel The Light,Happier,I'm No Latino,Never Love Again,Nothing But You,Silent Storm,Taste,You & Me Together,You Are The Reason.

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This Is Us (Rebecca,Fred),We Love It (Fiona,Roy).

Reviews:Can't Ya See,Happier.

Playlist : Bardot Blues ,Boots, Don't Think About Me, Evergreen,Everybody Feel Good, Give Me Love, Graffiti, I Am Giant, Love Never Felt So Good,Naked,Nothing But You,One Reaseon,Rainberry,Secrets We Keep,Taste,Vanotek Cha,Wandering Hearts,Whisper In My Ear,Yes You Won't,You & Me Together,

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Can't Ya See (Joey W),Happier (Rhoda,Rebecca,Phillip,Tomohiro).

Reviews:Nothing But You, You & Me Together.

Playlist:Come Alive,Coming Unplugged,Don't Say You Love Me,Don't Think About You,Give Me Love,Granted,Gypsy In The Night,Honky Tonk Mood,Hot Stepping,I Am Giant,Just A Phase,Kiss of Heaven,Light A Candle,Open My Heart,Secomd Time Around,Taste,When She Grows Up,Wild Boys,Witness,Young Blood (Alison, Peter).

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Nothing But You (DarrenB),You & Me Together (RiaV).

Reviews:Don't Think About You, Give Me Love.

Playlist:Baby Bandit,The Bounce,Bound To You,Falling Walls,Happily Ever After,Honky Tonk Mood,Hot Stepping,I Am Giant,Just A Phase,Lights Down Low,Lost In Love,Love Remains,Never Love Again,Perfect,Pieces,Pink Heart,Power Over Me,Remember Us This Way,Say My Name No More,Taste.

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Don't Think About You(NielsP),Give Me Love(FredW,NicolaL).

Reviews: I Am Giant, Taste.

Playlist: Back In Town,Change Your Minds,Color,Consequences,Dem Dey Go,Diggin',Everybody Feel Good,Graffiti,Honky Tonk Mood,Hot Stepping,I Won't Let You Down,Jessie,Just A Phase,Lady In Red,Love Rush,Rainberry,Secrets We Keep,Silent Storm,Sleepwalk With Me,Whisper In My Ear.

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I Am Giant(Neville,Julie), Taste(Scott B).

Reviews: Honky Tonk Mood, Hot Stepping, Just A Phase, Big Mouth

Playlist:  Beautiful Flames, Celtic Duo,Electric Church,Everybody Feel Good, Fault Line, Globetrottin', Last Minute, My Rules, PostCode Envy, Power Over Me,Price You Pay, Pull You Through, Rainberry, Sanctify My Sins, Shiver, Tightrope, Tip Pon It, Vanotek Cha, Whisper In My Ear, Wild Boys.

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Honky Tonk Mood (Maddison and Rob), Hot Stepping (Tim), Just A Phase (Fred and Maddison)-taught by Judy Chen, Big Mouth (Amy B)

Reviews:Rainberry,Whisper In My Ear.  

Playlist:Bardot Blues,Blaze Of Glory,The Bounce,Chingford Cha Cha,Everybody Feel Good,Falling Walls,Granted,The Last Word,Love Rush,A Lover's Trak,Make Ya Move,Power Over Me,Remember Us This Way,Revolution,Say My Name No More,She Used To Be Mine,Vampire City,Whatever It Takes.

Requests: Back In Town,Change Your Mind,Dem Dey Go,Never Love Again,Secrets We Keep.

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***No class on Feb. 7th, 2019. Happy Chinese  New Year !

Rainberry(Guillaume,Jose),Whisper In My Ear(GaryO).

Reviews:Everybody Feel Good,Power Over Me.

Playlist:Baby Bandit,Back In Town,Colors,Freak A Little More,Dem Dey Go,Graffiti,Jessie,Love Rush,My Rules,Naked,No Stress,Pink Hearts,Say My Name No More,Second Time Around,Thy Will,Tightrope,TipToe,Wild Boys.

Request : Never Love Again.

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