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我們將於2018年4月21日, 星期六 12:00-17:00舉行Social Party, 歡迎有興趣的朋友參加並告知所想要跳的舞名, 由於場地關係名額有限, 在此鼓勵參加者依據主題打扮. 

舞名請email :, 2018年1月15日開始公佈, 2月28曰截止, 任何level,新舊皆可.

We will have a social party on April, 21st, 2018,Saturday, from 12:00 to 17:00, all levels are welcome, please send your requests to,will announce playlist from January 15th, 2018 and update every week, last announcement is on Feburary 28th.

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3 Rules(Paul,Guilluame),Lay It Back(Shane,Guyton,Fred),Maniac(Jonas D) 

Reviews:Boots,Guilty As Hell,Tension.

Playlist:Against All Odds,Beautiful Wonderful,Happily Ever After,The Last Word,Lights Down Low,Part-Time Girlfriend,Private Dancer,Should Be Loved,Somebody Wants You,Stuck In My Head,That Ceiling Feeling,Woo Woo.

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Boots(Maddison G),Guilty As Hell(Julie & Neville),Tension(Gary & Maggie G). 

Reviews:Part-time Girlfriend(Scott,Guyton,Joey),That Ceiling Feeling(Rachael).

Playlist:Andante Andante,Brother,Burning,Hot Damn,Hurts Like A Cha Cha,The Last Word,Lights Down Low,No Stress,Obsessed,Run Me Like A River,Sexy Beaches,Should Be Loved.

Request :Lady In Red, Private Dancer.

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 Part-time Girlfriend(Scott,guyton,Joey),That Ceiling Feeling(Rachael)

Reviews:The Last Word,Lights Down Low,Should Be Loved.

Playlist:Against All Odds,All I'm Asking,Have Fun Go Mad,Here Right Here,Hurts Like A Cha Cha,Lady In Red,My Reason,Oh Hot Damn,Power Mix,Sauced Up,Sexy Beaches,Skinny Love,Strip That Down,Taking Care of You.

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The Last Word(Fiona,Roy),Lights Down Low(Guyton,RebeccaL),Should be Loved(RachaelW) 

Reviews:Hruts Like A Cha Cha,Sex Beaches.

Playlist:About Feeling,All I'm Asking,Beautiful Wonderful,The Blame, Brother,Dig Your Heels,Here Right Here,Lady In Red,No Stress,Power Mix,Run Me Like A River,Safe In These Arms,Slow Hands,Taking Care Of You.

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 ***No classes on October 19th and 26th.

Hurts Like A Cha Cha(Daniel,Fred,Simon),Sexy Beaches(Dee,Fred,Guyton,Niels)

Reviews:All I'm Asking,The Blame.

Playlist:Beautiful Wonderful, Fever,Holdin' Me Back,Look What You Made Me Do,Never Gonna Stop,No Sun On Sunday,Obsessed,Oh Hot Damn,Open Your Eyes,Sauced Up,Taking Care of You,Too Good At Goodbye.

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***No Classes on October 19th and October 26th, 2017.

 All I'm Asking(Jef & Esmeralda),The Blame(Ria V).

Reviews:Look What You Made Me Do, Open Your Eyes,Sauced Up.

Playlist:Against All Odds,Beautiful Wonderful,Best Mistakes,Boom Pow,Brother,Everybody's Grovvin',The Ghost of Love,Here Right Here,Love Remains,My Reason,Power Mix,No Stress,Run Me Like A River,Safe in These Arms,Serious Love,Shady,Slow Hands,Straight To The Castle,Strip That Down,Think I'm Sexy,Time To Surrender,Up In Here,White Summer Dress,Woo Woo.



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Look What You Made Me Do(Sobrielo),Open Your Eyes(MaggieG),Sauced Up(Dee M). 

Reviews:Beautiful Wonder,Never Gonna Stop,Oh Hot Damn.

Playlist:Blackout,Brother,Corazon Diamante,Faithfully,Here Right Here,Lady In Red,Love Remains,Obsessed,Power Mix,Think I'm Sexy,Time To Surrender,Too Good At Goodbyes,Up In Here,Safe In These Arms,Your Song.

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 Beautiful Wonderful(Debbie,Jannie),Never Gonna Stop(Daniel,Karl-Harry),Oh Hot Damn(Gary O)

Reviews: Brother,Obsessed,Too Good At Goodbye's.

Playlist:Best Mistakes,Everybody's Groovin',Falling,First Thing First,My Reason,No Sun On Sunday,She Used To Be Mine,Sombody Wants You,Sound of Silence,Think I'm Sexy,Up In Here,Wandering Hearts,We're In Heaven,White Summer Dress.


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Brother(John R.),Obsessed(Roxanne,Luke,Stephen), Too Good At Goodbye's(Gemma R) 

Think I'm Sexy, Up In Here, White Summer Dress.

Playlist: Against All Odds,Best Mistakes,Enough Is Enough,Everybody's Groovin',Fever,My Reason,No Sun On Sunday, No Stress,Plus 1,Safe In These Arms.

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