Reviews:Second Time Around, Working On Me.

Playlist:Beautiful In My Eyes,Blaze of Glory,Break Free Cha,Cheri Cheri Lady,Drive Me Wild,Electric Love,Feel,Frozen In Time,Girl Power,Here Right Here,Hold Your Horses,Hurts Like A Cha Cha,I'll Be There,If Only,Italiano,Lay It Back,Leave A Light On, Let Me Keep You Warm,Lights Down Low,Lost In Love,Maniac,Part-Time Girlfriend,Pink Hearts,Shake That,Sweet Caroline,Tip Pon It,Wicked Echo,Witness.

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Second Time Around(Fred,Darren),Working On Me(Paul,Roy,Guillaume,Jonas,Jok)

Reviews : Blaze Glory,Frozen in Time.

Playlist: Beautiful Flames,Beautiful Wonderful,Celtic Duo,Cheri Cheri Lady,Come Alive,Coming Unplugged,Cut Me Dow,Do It Like This,Familiar,Grow,Gypsy In The Night,I Held Your Hand,I'll Be Home,Lost In Love,Love Remains,Mates of Soul,Mind Up,Mood Swing,Perfect,Pom Poms,Pull You Through,Sugar Honey I.T.,Taps,Tell Me You Love Me,Tightrope,Tip Pon It,To the Moon & Back,Vancouver Fireworks,Vanotek Cha,You Better Believe.

By Request : I Won't Let You Down, Watch The Tempo.

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Blaze Of Glory(Simon,Niels,Shane & Fred),Frozen In Time(Klara W).

Reviews:Cheri,Cheri Lady,Lost In Love,Tip Pon It.

Playlist:Adrenaline Rush,Grow,Guilty As Hell,I Held Your Hand,Just Drunk Enough,The Language of Love,Mind Up,Naked,Pink Heart,Power Mix,She Used To Be Mine,Take Me To The River,Taps,TipToe,Wandering Hearts,We'll Stay Young.

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Cheri,CHeri Lady (riaV),Lost In Love(Maddison,Simon),Tip Pon It (Shane & co..)

Reviews : I Held Your Hand,Mind Up.

Playlist:Beautiful Flames,Boots,Come Alive,Falling,Funk The Preacher Man,Grow,I Won't Let You Down,Make Way,Naked,No Sun On Sunday,Pink Hearts,Rock This Party,Taps,Tell Me You Love Me,Vancouver Fireworks,Vanotek Cha,You're Not The Boss of Me,85.

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I Held Your Hand(Merete,Niels),Mind Up(Jose,Jean-Pierre).


Playlist:Beautiful Flames,Beautiful Wonderful,Five Million Pieces,I'll Be Home Soon,If Only,Just Drunk Enough,The Language of Love,Make Way,Maniac,Naked,Perfect,Pink Hearts,Strip That Down,Take Me To the Water,Tell Me You Love Me,To the Moon & Back,Vancouver Fireworks,You Are the Reason.

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Grow (Shane),Taps(Darren B).

Reviews:Pink Hearts,Tell Me You Love Me.

Playlist:Beautiful Flames,Follow My Footprints,Gypsy In The Night,Hurts Like A Cha Cha,If Only,Lady In Red,The Language of Love,Let Me Keep You Warm,Make Way,Mates of Soul,Naked,No Stress,Sexy Beaches,Tension,Vancouver Fireworks,Watch the Tempo.

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Pink Hearts(Niels P),Tell Me You Love Me(Maddison G).

Reviews:Beautiful Flames,If Only,Make Way.

Playlist:Celtic Duo,Do It Like This,Familiar,I'll Be Home Soon,The Language of Love,Lay It Back,Mood Swing,Muddy Waters,Naked,Pull You Through,Something I Can't Have,Taking Chances,Tightrope,TipToe,Vancouver Fireworks,Vanotek Cha.

Requested :Bring Down the Rain,Come Alive Gypsy in the Night,50 Shades in Heaven.

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Beautiful Flames(Gary,Magie),If Only(Adrian,John,Stephen),Make Way(Fred,Guillaume).

Review : The Language of Love, Naked,Vancouve Fireworks.

Playlist:Acoustic Love,Come Alive,Familiar,Follow My Footprints,I Won't Let You Down, I'll Be Home Soon,Leave A Light On,Muddy Waters,So Tied Up,Taking Chances,TipToe,Vanotek Cha,We're In Heaven,Witness.

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The Language of Love(Niels P),Naked(Scott,Rhoda),Vancouver Fireworks(Roy, Jef).

Reviews:I'll Be Home Soon,Vanotek Cha.

Playlist:Buona Sera Senorita,Coochie Bang Bang,Do It Like Thies,Familiar,Five Million Pieces,Fragile,I Won't Let You Down,Just Drunk Enough,Leave A Light On,Put The Gun Down,Taking Chances,Thy Will,The Violin,Witness,We're In Heaven.

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**No class next week, May 17th, 2018.

I'll Be Home Soon(Jo&John K,Jef),Venotek Cha(Gary O).

Reviews:Familiar,Leave A Light On,Taking Chances.

Playlist:Addicted,Come Alive,Corazon Diamante,Do It Like This,Gypsy In The Night,Lost,Put The Gun Down,Run Me Like A River,Sunshine Twist,Tightrope,Watch The Tempo,You Are The Reason.

Request:Private Dancers,To The Moon & Back,Let Me Keep You Warm.

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