***No classes on October 19th and 26th.

Hurts Like A Cha Cha(Daniel,Fred,Simon),Sexy Beaches(Dee,Fred,Guyton,Niels)

Reviews:All I'm Asking,The Blame.

Playlist:Beautiful Wonderful, Fever,Holdin' Me Back,Look What You Made Me Do,Never Gonna Stop,No Sun On Sunday,Obsessed,Oh Hot Damn,Open Your Eyes,Sauced Up,Taking Care of You,Too Good At Goodbye.

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***No Classes on October 19th and October 26th, 2017.

 All I'm Asking(Jef & Esmeralda),The Blame(Ria V).

Reviews:Look What You Made Me Do, Open Your Eyes,Sauced Up.

Playlist:Against All Odds,Beautiful Wonderful,Best Mistakes,Boom Pow,Brother,Everybody's Grovvin',The Ghost of Love,Here Right Here,Love Remains,My Reason,Power Mix,No Stress,Run Me Like A River,Safe in These Arms,Serious Love,Shady,Slow Hands,Straight To The Castle,Strip That Down,Think I'm Sexy,Time To Surrender,Up In Here,White Summer Dress,Woo Woo.



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Look What You Made Me Do(Sobrielo),Open Your Eyes(MaggieG),Sauced Up(Dee M). 

Reviews:Beautiful Wonder,Never Gonna Stop,Oh Hot Damn.

Playlist:Blackout,Brother,Corazon Diamante,Faithfully,Here Right Here,Lady In Red,Love Remains,Obsessed,Power Mix,Think I'm Sexy,Time To Surrender,Too Good At Goodbyes,Up In Here,Safe In These Arms,Your Song.

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 Beautiful Wonderful(Debbie,Jannie),Never Gonna Stop(Daniel,Karl-Harry),Oh Hot Damn(Gary O)

Reviews: Brother,Obsessed,Too Good At Goodbye's.

Playlist:Best Mistakes,Everybody's Groovin',Falling,First Thing First,My Reason,No Sun On Sunday,She Used To Be Mine,Sombody Wants You,Sound of Silence,Think I'm Sexy,Up In Here,Wandering Hearts,We're In Heaven,White Summer Dress.


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Brother(John R.),Obsessed(Roxanne,Luke,Stephen), Too Good At Goodbye's(Gemma R) 

Think I'm Sexy, Up In Here, White Summer Dress.

Playlist: Against All Odds,Best Mistakes,Enough Is Enough,Everybody's Groovin',Fever,My Reason,No Sun On Sunday, No Stress,Plus 1,Safe In These Arms.

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Think I'm Sexy(Rachael,Laura),Up In Here(Shea M),White Summer Dress(Daniel,Junghye)

Reviews:Best Mistakes,Everybody's Groovin',My Reason.

Playlist:Enough Is Enough,Fever,Fragile,Holdin' Me Back,Is It Over,Safe In These Arms,Strip That Down,No Stress,No Sun On Sunday,Plus 1,You Better Believe, Your Song.

 By Request : Imagine, Woo Woo.

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Best Mistakes(Jonno L,Jason T),Everybody's Groovin'(Rhoda L,Jo T),My Reason(Roy,Jef,Betty). 

Reviews:Enough Is Enough,Plus 1,Safe In These Arms.

Playlist:Against All Odds,Blackout,Everyday's A Holiday,Fever,I Am Your Man,My Life,No Stress,No Sun On Sunday,Straight To The Castle,The One You're Waiting On,Tired,We're In Heaven,Woo Woo,Your Song.

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 Enough Is Enough(Ria V),Plus 1(Niels P),Safe In These Arms(Dee, Fred).

Reviews:Fever,No Stress,No Sun On Sunday.

Playlist:Against All Odds,Boom Pow,Bop-Ting-A-Ling,Delilah,First Thing First,Lady In Red,Once Upon A December,Power Mix,Run Me Like A River,Shady,Straight to The Castle,Tired,Wandering Hearts,Whatever Happens,Your Song.

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Fever(Guillaume),No Stress(Shane M),No Sun On Sunday(Niels P) 

Reviews:Bop-Ting-A-Ling,Tired,Your Song.

Playlist:Against All Odds,Delilah,Dig Your Heels,Everyday's A Holiday,Here Right Here,Holdin' Me Back,My Simple Instruction,Pieces,Serious Love,She Used To Be Mine,Smooth Criminal,Somebody Wants You,Taking Care of You,Wandering Heart.

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Bop-Ting-A-Ling(Lilian L),Tired(Daniel,Roy,Sebast..),Your Song(Neville,Julie) 

Reviews:Against All Odds,Delilah,Wandering Hearts.

Playlist:Andante Andante,Everyday's A Holiday,Feel Good,The Ghost of You,Language of the Heart,The One You're Waiting On,Power Mix,Sound of Silence,Stomp Your Feet,Strip That Down,To Be Human,We're in Heaven.

Request:The Queen,Tango With Me Darling.

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