Reviews:The Boy With The Gun,Whatever It Takes.

Playlist:Back In Town,Blackout,Change Your Mind,Evergreen,Follow My Footprints,Girl Power,Grobetrottin',I Don't Dance,Island In The Stream,Lost In Love,Love Remains,Make No Promises,Poetry In Motion,Price You Pay,Pull You Through,Revolution,Secrets We Keep,Shiver,Tell Your Heart to Beat Again (Jonas),You Deserve Better.

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The Boy With The Gun(Ria V), Whatever It Takes(Shane,Fred,Joey,Niels,Dee,JP).

Reviews :Revolution,Price You Pay.

Playlist:Back In Town,Bardot Blues,The Bounce,Dem Dey Go,Change Your Mind,Fault Line,Globetrottin',Have Fun Go Mad,,Jesse James,Kiss of Heaven,A Lover's Track,Pieces,Sanctify My Sins,Secrets We Keep, Swing Your Chains,Tightrope,Time To Surrender,Vancouver Firework.

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Price You Pay (Paul,David-Ian),Revolution(Fred W.)
Reviews : Globetrottin', Secrets We Keep.
Playlist : Arms of Love,Back In Town, Bardot Blues, Beautiful Wonderful, The Bounce, Change Your Mind, Don't Say You Love Me,Familiar, I Scream, I Won't Let You Down, The Language of Love, Light A Candle, Naked, Sleepwalk with Me, Take Me To The River,TipToe, Uphill Battle, When She Grows Up.
Request:I Scream,Secrets We Keep.

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Globetrottin' (Daniel,Fred,Simon),Secrets We Keep(Guillaume,Niels,Shane).

Reviews:Back In Town,Change Your Mind.

Playlist:Bardot Blues,Blaze of Glory,The Bounce,Coochie Bang Bang,Dem Dey Go,Don't Say You Love Me,Gypsy In The Night,Just Drunk Enough,Just Got Paid,Lady In Red,Leave Me Breathless,Make No Promises,Perfect,Second Time Around,Watch The Tempo,You Deserve Better.

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Back In Town(Jo,Joey,Scott),Change Your Mind(Debbie,Joey).

Reviews: Bardot Blues, The Bounce.

Beautiful Flames, Blaze of Glory, Blue Ain't Your Color, Cheri Cheri Lady, Come Alive, Consequences, Coochie Bang Bang, Dem Dey Go, Don't Say You Love Me, Just Drunk Enough, Just Got Paid, Leave Me Breathless, Lost In Love, Make No Promises, Make Ya Move, Sleepwalk With Me. 共16首.   

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Bardot Blues (Simon Ward & Rachael McEnaney-White),  The Bounce (Scott Blevins and Jo Thompson Szymanski )

Reviews : Don't Say You Love Me, Just Got Pay

About Feeling, Arms of Love,Beautiful Flames,Blue Ain't Your Color, Cheri Cheri Lady,Dem Day Go, Fully Clothed, Make No Promises, Naked,Pink Hearts, Sanctify My Sins, Tightrope, Time To Surrender, Vanotek Cha,Whatever Happens, You Deserve Better.

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Don't Say You Love Me(Guillaume,Rebecca,Rhoda),Just Got Paid(MaggieG).

Reviews:Dem Dey Go,Make No Promises.

Playlist:Arms of Love,Bittersweet Memory,Bring Down the Rain,Buona Sera Senorita,Celtic Duo,Fully Clothed,Got Me Like,Heartbeat,Kiss of Heaven,Leave Me Breathless,Light A Candle,A Lover's Track,Mood Swing,Second Time Around,Sleepwalk with Me,Taps,Take Me To the Water,Tender Heart,Uphill Battle,When She Grows Up.

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Dem Dey Go(Fiona,Roy),Make No Promises(Jef,Jose)

Reviews:Fully Clothed,When She Grows Up.

Playlist:Arms of Loves.Beautiful Wonderful,Blaze of Glory,Consequences,Diggin',Do It Like This,Extremely Love,Kiss of Heaven,Just Drunk Enough,Lay It Back,Leave Me Breathless,Lost In Love,Make Ya Move,Sanctify My Sins,Serious Love,Shady,Sleepwalk with Me,TipToe,Witness,You Deserve Better.

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Fully Clothed (Scott,Betsy),When She Grows Up(Jef,Roy V).

Reviews:Arms of Love,Kiss of Heaven.

Playlist:Beautiful Flames,Break Free Cha,Cake By The Ocean,Cliche Love Song,Come Alive,Feel,Hurts Like A Cha Cha,Leave Me Breathless,Mates of Soul,Naked,No Stress,Pink Hearts,Pull You Through,Sanctify,Sleepwalk With Me,Through The Fire,To The Moon & Back,Vampire City,Vanotek Cha,You Deserve Better.

Requests :Groovy Love,Second Time Around.

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Arms of Love(Guillaume),Kiss of Heaven(Niels P).

Reviews:Leave Me Breatheless,You Deserve Better.

Playlist:3 Rules,85, Grow, Got Me Like,I Don't Dance, I Won't Let You Down,Lady In Red,Let It Out,Light A Candle,Make Ya Move,No Sun On Sunday,Part-Time Girlfriend,Rock This Party,Sanctify,Second Time Around,Sleepwalk With Me,Uphill Battle,Vancouver Fireworks,Watch The Tempo,Working On Me.

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