Love Rush(maddison,niels,simon),Say My Name No More(catoL).

Reviews:Never Love Again,Wild Boys.

Playlist:Baby Bandit,Blaze of Glory,Change Your Mind,Colors,Don't Let Me Go,Electric Church,Falling Walls,Graffiti,Granted,Jessie,Jukebox,My Rules,One Reason,Remember Us This Way,Sanctify My Sins,Secrets We Keep,Silent Storm,Sleepwalk with Me,Whatever It Takes,Wild Fire.

Requests: Beautiful Flames,Just Drunk Enough,Just Got Paid,Never Love Again,One Reason,Uphill Battle.

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Never Love Again(Paul S, Guillaume),Wild Boys(Fred,Shane & Niels).

Reviews:Baby Bandit,My Rules.

Playlist:Back In Town,Bardot Blues,Behind The Glass,The Bounce,Diggin', Electric Church,Falling Walls,Filthy,Globetrottin', I Know What You Did Last Summer,Just Got Paid,Light A Candle,MMM Yeah,Part-Time Girlfriend,Price You Pay,Pull You Through,Skinny Love,Take Me To The Water,Vanotek Cha,When She Grows Up.

Request : Without Fire.

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Baby Bandit(Kate,Karl-Harry),My Rules(Amy B).

Reviews:Electrick Church,Falling Walls.

Playlist:Beautiful Flames,Change Your Minds,Colors,Dem Dey Go,Femme Like You,Graffiti,Granted,Jessie,Naked,Remember Us This Way,Revolution,Silent Stone,Vancouver Firework,Whatever It Takes,Wild Fire,Wonder Train,You Are The Reason,50 Shades.

Requests:Bardot Blues,Cry For Freedom,I Came To Love You,Secrets We Keep.

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Electric Church(RachaelW),Falling Walls(DarrenB)-taught by Judy Chen.

Reviews :Remember Us This Way,Wild Fire,50Shades.

Playlist:Colors,Do It Like This,Don't Let Me Go,Don't Say You Love Me,Fully Clothed,Jessie,Granted,Graffitti,I'm No Latino,A Lover's Trak,Make No Promises,The Last Word,The One You're Waiting On,Pink Heart,Silent Storm,Sleepwalk With Me,Tightrope,You Deserve Better.

Requests:Back In Town, Change Your Mind,Cry For Freedom,Music To My Eyes.

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***No class next Thursday, 12/13/'18.

Remember Us This Way(Alison,DanielT),Wild Fire(RiaV),50 Shades(Paul S).

Reviews:Graffitti,Granted,I'm No Latino.

Requests:Colada Kick (Paul S),Consequences,Cry for Freedom(Paul S),Lights Down Low,Make Way,Second Time Around,Working On Mr, 3 Rules.

Playlist:The Bounce,The Boy With the Gun,Colors,Don't Let Me Go,Jessie,Silent Storm,Whatever It Takes.

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***No classes on 12/13/2018, 1/03/2019 and 1/10/2019***

Graffitti(Karl W),Granted(Maggie G),I'm No Latino(John R)

Reviews:Jessie,Silent Storm.

Playlist:Back In Town,Bardot Blues,Change Your Mind,The Boy With the Gun,Colors,Come Alive,Consequence,Dem Dey Go,Don't Let Ke Go,Make Ya Move,Phloor Philla,Power Mix,Revolution,Secrets We Keep,Sleepwalk With Me,Unhill Battle,Whatever It Takes,When She Grows Up.

Requests:Globetrottin',Have Fun Go Mad,Light A Candle,Tension,Vampire City.

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Jessie(Rachael,Simon),Silent Storm(Jose,Roy,Jean-P).

Reviews:Colors, Don't Let Me Go.

Playlist by request :And Get It On,Bittersweet Memory,Bring Down the Rain,Buona Sera Senorita,Goodbye Cha,Leave A Light On,My Reason,Oh Ruby,The Smell of Your Sweet Perfume,Taking Chances.Tribal Heartbeat,Vampire City,The Wolf,WOW Tokyo.

Playlist:The Boy with the Gun,Whatever It Takes.

Request : Secrets We Keep.

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Colors (Fiona,RoyH),Don't Let Me Go(Celia, Kate).

Reviews:The Boy With The Gun,Whatever It Takes.

Playlist:Back In Town,Blackout,Change Your Mind,Evergreen,Follow My Footprints,Girl Power,Grobetrottin',I Don't Dance,Island In The Stream,Lost In Love,Love Remains,Make No Promises,Poetry In Motion,Price You Pay,Pull You Through,Revolution,Secrets We Keep,Shiver,Tell Your Heart to Beat Again (Jonas),You Deserve Better.

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The Boy With The Gun(Ria V), Whatever It Takes(Shane,Fred,Joey,Niels,Dee,JP).

Reviews :Revolution,Price You Pay.

Playlist:Back In Town,Bardot Blues,The Bounce,Dem Dey Go,Change Your Mind,Fault Line,Globetrottin',Have Fun Go Mad,,Jesse James,Kiss of Heaven,A Lover's Track,Pieces,Sanctify My Sins,Secrets We Keep, Swing Your Chains,Tightrope,Time To Surrender,Vancouver Firework.

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Price You Pay (Paul,David-Ian),Revolution(Fred W.)
Reviews : Globetrottin', Secrets We Keep.
Playlist : Arms of Love,Back In Town, Bardot Blues, Beautiful Wonderful, The Bounce, Change Your Mind, Don't Say You Love Me,Familiar, I Scream, I Won't Let You Down, The Language of Love, Light A Candle, Naked, Sleepwalk with Me, Take Me To The River,TipToe, Uphill Battle, When She Grows Up.
Request:I Scream,Secrets We Keep.

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