***No classes On November 28th and December 5th***

Faithful Soul(GaryO,MaggieG),Teeth(Guillaume),Where We've Been(Lana W)-by request.

Reviews:A Little Swing,Made For Now.

Playlist:About Last Night,AK Freak,Broken & Beautiful,Can't Escape Me,Dem Dey Go,Dowm To The Roots,Fire On Fire,Get Wild,Italiano,Juicy Friut,Just A Phase,Larger Than Life,Leave A Light On,LILY,Limelight,Mad Crazy Love,Make It Shake,Moves,New York 2 LA,Pull You Through,Texas Connection,Twist Twist Twist,Suchi,Wiser & Older,Woke Up Late.

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***No Class on next Thursday, October 10th, 2019.***

A Little Swing (Rachael W),Made For Now(Fiona,Roy amd Philip).

Reviews:About Last Night,Texas Connection.

Playlist:All I Need To Know,Castles,Colors,Consequences,Dream It Possible,I Can Do Hard Things,Juicy Fruit,The Language of Love,Legends Tonight,Limelight,Moves,Never Love Again,Nobody,Novocaine Kiss,Power Over Me,Rolling With Love,Something That You Want,Swing Your Chains,Thousand Times,Wanna Know,When You Walk In,Woke Up Late,3 To Tango,

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About Last Night(Debbie R),Texas Connection(Scott and Jo Thompson).

Reviews:Limelight,Swing Your Chains,Woke Up Late.

Playlist:Arcade,Burden,Castles,Change Your Mind,Dance On My Island,Down To The Roots,Electric Church,Fire On Fire,I Am Yours,I Can Do Hard Things,I Love It Me Gusta,Juicy Fruit,Kissing Strangers,Legends Tonight,Moves,Obsession Cha,Roll With Me,Rolling With Love,Simply The Best,Soul Shake,Still Got The Blue,Sweet and Mentally Insane,Vampire City,3 To Tango.

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Limelight(Fred W),Swing Your Chains(Dee,Shaun),Woke Up Late(Maddison G).

Reviews:Juicy Fruit,Moves.

Playlist :Boots,Burden,Castles,Down To The Roots,Drop Snap,Electrick Church,Get Wild,Graffiti,I Can Do Hard Things,Jessie,Just A Phase,LILY,Legends Tonight,Love Rush,My Heart Is Gone,Rolling With Love,Secrets We Keep,Simply The Best,The Show,Thousand Times,Vanotek Cha,Whatever It Takes,Wiser & Older,3 To Tango.

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Juicy Fruit(Shane M),Moves(Simon W,Shane M).

Reviews:Castles,Rolling With Love, 3 To Tango.

Playlist:Beautiful Flames,Broken & Beautiful,Celtic Duo,Corazon Diamante,Do It Like This, Down To The Roots,Everybody Feel Good,Everybody's Someone,Falling Walls,I Can Do Hard Things,I Can't Stop,I Love It Me Gusta,In The Six,Just Dance,Legends Tonight,Love Remains,Mad Crazy Love,My Heart Is Gone,Nothing But You,Pink Hearts,Second Time Around,Shake That,Thousand Times,Wanna Know.

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Castles(MaggieG),Rolling With Love(Heather,Simon),3 To Tango(Raymond,Roy,Jose).

Reviews: I Can Do Hard Things,Legends Tonight.

Playlist: Back In Town,Boots,Burden,Don't Say You Love Me,Get Wild,Give Me Love,I Love It Me Gusta,Incredible,Is It Over,Just A Phase,Lost In Love,Love Rush,Make Ya Move,My Heart Is Gone,Obsession Cha,Poetry In Motion,Remember Us This Way,Salsa Pardon,Satisfied,Something That You Want,,Soul Shake,Sushi,Thousand Times,Wanna Know.

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I Can Do Hard Things(Rachael M),Legends Tonight(Mark,Chris,Matt & Ray)

Reviews:My Heart Is Gone,Thousand Times.

Playlist: A Lover's Track,All I Need To Know,Arcade,Can't Escape Me,Don't Think About You,Dream It Possible,Drop Snap,Fire On Fire,Granted,Hotel Room,I Am Giant,I Am Yours,I Can't Stop, I Love It Me Gusta,Incredible,Never Growing Up,Pop That Lock,Roll With Me,Saluti,Soul Shake,This Is Us,Wanna Know,When You Walk In,Witness.

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My Hert Is Gone(Gary O),Thousand Times(Niels P).

Reviews:I Love It Me Gusta,Soul Shake,Wanna Know.

Playlist:About Feeling,Arcade,Breathe Easy,Burden,Can't Ya See,Celtic Colors,Duo,Come Tomowwor,Down To The Roots,Everything I Have,I Am Yours,I Held Your Hand,I Hope You Find It,Incredible,Just Got Paid,Obsession Cha,Roll With Me,Saluti,Secrets We Keep,Tiptoe,Watch The Tempo,Wiser & Older.

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I Love It,Me Gusta(Tim J.),Soul Shake(Fred W.),Wanna Know(Niels P.).

Reviews:Roll With Me,Saulti.

Playlist:Arcade,Beautiful Wonderful,Breathe Easy,Broken & Beautiful,Dance On My Island,Flashlight,Get Wild,Happier,I Am Your Man,I Came To Love You,I Held Your Hand,Incredible,Last Minute,Never Love Again,Nothing But You,Obsession Cha,Serious Love,The Show,Simply The Best,Sleepwalk With Me.

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Roll With Me(Jose,daniel,tim,rebecca,jean piere),Saluti(Karl,Robbie).

Reviews: Arcade, Incredible.

Playlist :A Lesson In Love, All I Need To Know,Before I Go,Burden,Can't Escape Me,Destination Dancefloor,Dream It Possible, Fire On Fire,Girl Crush,I Am Yours, I Held Your Hands,Just Dance,Lady In Red,The Last Word,Love Remains,Naked,Obsession Cha,Rainy Night In Georgia,Salsa Perdon,She Used To Be Mine,Something That You Want,Strip That Down.

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