Reviews:On The Other Side,Remember We Got Love,Syncopated Rhythm.

Playlist:Back Again,Better As One,Calm Down,Coochie Bang Bang,Dare To Love,Do What I Do,Head To Toes,I Hope You Find It,Keeping Me Alive,Levitating,Life Is A Lesson,Love Never Felt So Good,Never Change You,Pick Her Up,React, Say I Won't,Southern Dreams,Thank You Very Much,YNO,You Need To Calm Down.

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On The Other Side(MaggieG,Gary O),Remember We Got Love(Claire,Roy,Fiona),Syncopated Rhythm(Rob & Michelle F)-Classic.

Review : Head To Toes.

Playlist: Back Again,Back In Town,Better As One,Boots,Dance Monkey Dance,Dare To Love,Don't Think About You,Fall Away,Fire On Fire,Genetics,Keeping Me Alive,Just Let Me Dance,La Bomba,Levitating,Life Is A Lesson, Lifer,Liverpool Fling,Never Change,Pick Her Up,React,Say I Won't,Southern Dreams,Teeth,What A Man Gotta Do,Witness,You Need To Calm Down.

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Head To Toes (Guillaume,Romain).

Reviews: Better As One,Levitating.

Playlist:Back Again,Dare To Love,Fall Away,The Greatest Love of All,Just Let Me Dance,Keeping Me Alive,La Bomba,Life After Love,Life Is A Lesson,Lifer,Never Change You,Pick Her Up,React,Say I Won't,Southern Dreams,What A Man Gotta Do,You Need To Calm Down,You're The Hero.

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Better As One (Fed W.,Darren B.)

Levitating (Fiona & Roy)

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Back Again (Robbie H)

Keeping Me Alive (Rachael W))

Life Is A Lesson (Darren B, Fred W)

Lifer (Darren B)

Say I Won't (Jose,Roy V)

Southern Dreams (Maddison G)

Pick Her Up (DarrenB)

You Need To Calm Down (Adrain L, JessicaL)

Never Change You (Shane McKeever)

Dare To Love (Maggie G, Gary O)

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  • Mar 16 Mon 2020 15:20
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區公所通知: 所有里民活動中心課程暫停至六月底.

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新增舞曲 1. All of Me 2.Blue Sky 3.Boots 4.Colorful 5.Coochie Bang Bang 6.Crystal Touch 7.Electric Church 8.Extraordinary Walts 9.Wintergreen 10.Fir on Fire 11.Genetics 12.Goodbye Cha 13.The Greatest Love of All 14.Hardy 15. Have Fun, Go Mad 16.I Got You 17.Juicy Fruit 18. La Bomba 19.A Little Swing 20.Liverpool Fling 21.Love Never Felt So Good 22. Love on the Rocks 23.Murder My Heart 24.Nobody 25.People Help the Peopple 26.Pieces 27.Poetry in Motion 28.Senorita La-La-La 29.Soul Shake 30.Stomp Down 31.Turning Tables 32.Vaiven 33.Yes I Can 34.YNO 35.You're the Hero.

第9首 FAITHFUL SOUL已於第一次公布, 請更改為 WINTERGREEN, Sorry !

3/28/2020 最後一次公布新增舞曲.


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Party requests :

1.Another Try (Guillaume) 2.Beast Of Burden 3.Calm Down 4.Cherry On Top 5.Chicago Gold 6.Chicken Noodle Soup 7.Cooler Than Cool 8.Cuban Moon 9.Darling,That's The Truth 10.Do What I Do 11.Don't Think About You 12.Faithful Soul 13.Gorgeous 14.Hold Your Horses 15.Honestly 16.Made For Now 17.Make It Shake 18.Moves 19.Obsession Cha 20.Perfect 21.Rolling With Love 22.Secrets We Keep 23.Shot Of Tequlia 24.Skinny Love 25.Swing Time Boogie 26.Take A Look At This 27.Teeth 28.Texas Connection 29.Thank You Very Much 30.Uphill Battle 31.Vampire City 32.Corazon Diamante 33.When You Smile 34.Wiser & Older 35.Woke Up Late. 

2/22/2020 第二次公布requests, 請大家再告訴我各位想跳的舞名, 謝謝.



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Fall Away(Esmeralda,Simon),Just Let Me Dance(Joey),React(Maggie,GaryO).

**No class on February 13,2020**

Reviews:La Bomba,Little Things.

Playlist:Blue Sky,Electric Church,Extrordinary Waltz,The Greatest Love of All,Honestly,I Am Giant,Juicy Fruit,Legend,Legends Tonight,Life After Love,Love On the Rocks,Never Love Again,Nobody,People Help the People,Secrets We Keep,What A Man Gotta Do,Whatever It Takes,You're the Hero.

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La Bomba(Fred,Shane),Little Things(DebbieR).

Reviews:Life After Love,What A Man Gotta Do,You're The Hero.

Playlist:All of Me,Boots,Both,Extraordinary Waltz,Genetics,Goodbye Cha,The Greatest Love of All,Hardy,Legend,Limelight,A Little Swing,Liverpool Fling,Love Never Felt So Good,Love On the Rocks,Love Rush,Murder My Heart,People Help the People,Red Is the Rose,Skinny Love,Wanna Know.

Requests:Faithful Soul,Fire On Fire,Rolling With Love.

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