*** No class on 10/01/'20,下周四停課***

Favela(Lilian L, Darren B),I've Seen It All(Gary O), Rolling Stone(Niiels P).

Reviews:Hell If I,Stop This Flame.

Playlist: Better As One,Cyber Remix,Dare To Love,Dommage,Drive Me Wild,Footprint In The Sand,Got A Good Thing,Just Dance,Little Less Broken,Loyal Brave True,Noise,Now Or Never,Patrizio's Rumba,Process In Time,React,Shelter,Take A Picture,Thousand Times,Worldwide Beautiful,80's Baby.

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Judy Chen 代課

Hell If I (Jo,John,Mark)-Classic,Stop This Flame (Sharon,RobF).


Reviews:Little Less Broken, Patrizio's Rumba, 80's Baby.

Playlist : Beautiful Madness,Beautiful Wonderful,Build Me A Daddy,Calm Down,Come Alive,Cyber Remix,Do Si Do,Fire On Fire,Got A Good Thing,Hometown Heart,Hurts Like A Cha Cha,I Am Cannibal,Legends Tonight,Life After Love,Loyal Brave True,Noise,Shelter,Together But Apart,When She Grows Up,Worldwide Beautiful.

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Little Less Broken(Maddison G),Patrizio's Rumba(Max P),80's Baby(Tim J. and Debbie R.).

Reviews: Cyber Remix, Shelter.

Playlist: Colors (RoyV),Cono,Dance Monkey Dance,Everybody Get Nuts,Fall Away,Feel (ScottB),Feel The Heat,Got A Good Thing,Head To Toes,Keeping Me Alive,I Am Cannibal,Lifer,Like A Phoenix,Loyal Brave True,Never Change You,Noise,Rainberry,Recovery,Remember We Got Love,Worldwide Beautiful.

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Cyber Remix (Fred,Shane), Shelter(Maggie,Gary).

Reviews:Loyal Brave True,Noise.

Playlist: About Feeling,Addicted,Blaze Of Glory,Blue Ain't Your Color,Cono,Counting Stars,Got A Good Thing,I Am Cannibal,Just A Phase,Love Like A Symphony,Pick Her Up,Process In Time,Recovery,Rolling With Love,Run Me Like A River,Say I Won't,Simply The Best,Take Me To The River,Worldwide Beautiful,YNO.

Requested : Rainberry.


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Loyal Brave True (Rob F),Noise (Shane & Fred).

Reviews:Cono,Got A Good Thing,Worldwide Beautiful.

Playlist: Beautiful Madness,Cake By The Ocean,Chingford Cha Cha,Digital Age,Falling Walls,Girl Crush,Hometown Heart,I Am Cannibal,Is It Over,Keeping Me Alive,Levitating,Liverpool Fling,Love Like A Symphony,No Stress,Outta Control,Process In Time,Rainberry,Rainfall,Recovery,Take A Picture.

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Cono (JP,Rebecca),Got A Good Thing(Jose M),Worldwide Beautiful (Daniel,Kelly).

Reviews: I Am Cannibal,Rovery.

Playlist : Colors,Consequences,Dem Dey Go,Dommage,Down To The Roots,Geek In The Pink,The Greatest Love of All,Hometown Heart,Life Is A Lesson,Limelight,Love Like A Symphony,Love Rush,A Man Is In Love,Never Love Again,On The Other Side,Power Over Me,Process In Time,Still Got The Blue,Tightrope,Time To Let Go.

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I Am Cannibal (Streamline Instructors), Recovery(Guillaume).

Reviews:Love Like A Symphony, Process In Time.

Playlist:All Of Me, Back Again, Beautiful Madness,Better As One,Build Me A Daddy,Colors (Roy V),Dommage,Feel The Heat,Geek In The Pink,Hometown Heart,Life After Love,A Man Is In Love,Never Change You,Nobody(JessicaD),Secrets We Keep,Stupid In Love,Take A Picture,Time To Let Go,Vaiven,We're Blood.

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Love Like A Symphony(Jeff,Grace),Process In Time(Ria V).

Reviews:Colors,Time To Let Go,8-9-10(Let's Do It Again).

Playlist:Blue Sky,Coochie Bang Bang,Dare To Love,Do Si Do,Do What I Do,Don't Think About You,Goodbye Cha,Faithfully,Geek In The Pink,Genetics,Hometown Heart,I Held Your Hand,Juicy Fruit,Keeping Me Alive,Levitating,Little Things,Nobody(Scott B),Remember We Got Love,Syncopated Rhythm,Take A Look At This,Turning Tables,Vampire City.


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1.Beautiful Madness 2.Change Your Mind 3.Faithfully 4.Little Things 5.I Held Your Hand 6.Let It Be 7.A Man Is In Love 8.Rainfall 9.Remember We Got Love 10.Take A Picture 11.Together But Apart 12.Turning Tables 13.Vanotek Cha 14.Wanna Know 15.We're Blood.

第4首 Feel The Heat 於6/15已經公佈了, 改為 Little Things (Debbie R.). Sorry !

加上6/15/'20公佈的70首共85首舞, 當天預留30分鐘現場點播, 希望大家有個快樂的時光!

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Colors(Roy,Christopher,Nadja),Time To Let Go(Debbie E,Rob F),8-9-10(Let's Do It Again)(Peter & Alison). 

Reviews:Geek In The Pink,Hometown Heart.

Playlist:Beautiful Madness, Build Me A Daddy,Dommage,Faithful Soul,Head To Toes,I Held Your Hand,Let It Be, Love Never Felt So Good,A Man Is In Love,Rainfall,Rolling With Love,Soul Shake,Stupid In Love,Thank You Very Much,Together But Apart,Vanotek Cha,Wanna Know,Wiser & Older,Witness,Woke Up Late.

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