About Patty

   Patty has danced all her life. It is her passion. She started dancing at the age of six in Taiwan, learning Chinese traditional dances, Ballet, and Jazz dance from her mother, who was a famous instructor. She competed regularly and won numerous awards and honors.

  Patty was first introduced to line dance in 2003 and she immediately fell in love with it. She devotes much of her time creating and learning new dances. In addition, Patty has been taken "Training Courses" by International LinDanceSport and a member of UWDC,traveled to different states and countries for line dance workshops, UK,Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, North Carolina, UCWDC, Japan, Singapore and many more cities. Recently, she decided to teach classes and share her passion with the people in Taiwan.

Her goals are:

1) spread line dance and increase its popularity.
2) Train talented dancers, and instruct basic steps & proper dance techniques.
3) present newest dances from the world to students.

Don't "Keep It Country" but "Keep The Country Going"

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