Andante, Andante(Stephen P),Power Mix(Maddison G),We're In Heaven(Gary O). 

Reivews:Dig Your Heels,Here Right Here,My Life.

Playlist"Crazy Perfect Mess,Boom Pow,My Simple Instruction,Serious Love,Somebody Wants You,Taking Care of You,Thumbs Up,Strip That Down, To Be Human,Woo Woo.

Requests:Clap Snap, Nancy Mulligan.

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Dig Your Heels(MaddisonG),Here Right Here(Daniel,Jose,JoK),My Life(Neville,Julie) 

Reviews:Crazy Perfect Mess,My Simple Instruction,Somebody Wants You.

Playlist:Blackout,Dame Mas,Doin' What I Like,First Thing First,Lady In Red,Lay Our Flowers,Pom Poms,Pull Me Closer, She Used To Be Mine,Skinny Love,Slow Hands,Time To Surrender,To Be Human,Woo Woo.

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 Crazy Perfect Mess(Kate,Karl-Harry),My Simple Instruction(Darren,RoyV,Jef,Amy),Somebody Wants You(Daniel,Niels,Julie,Neville,Roy and Fiona)

Reviews:To Be Human, Woo Woo.

Playlist:The Anthem,Blackout,Dame Mas,Holdin' Me Back,Run Me Like A River,Serious Love,Skinny Love,Straight To The Castle,Strip That Down,Take Me To The Water,Taking Care Of You,Thy Will,Time To Surrender,You Better Believe.

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To Be Human(Julie,Neville). 

Reviews:Blackout,Dame Mas,Time To Surrender.

Playlist:First Thing First,Giving Up On You, Grace,Heaven On Earth,Holdin' Me Back,Italiano,I Am Your Man,Let It Out,One Reason,Serious Love,Strip That Down,Take Me To The Water.

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Blackout(Gemma,Guillaume),Dame Mas(Emily K,Guillaume),Time To Surrender(Rachael,Simon W). 

Reviews:Holdin' Me Back,Strip That Down.

Playlist:Addicted,Broken,First Thing First,Giving Up On You,Grace,Happily Ever After,Lay Our Flowers,A Lesson In Love,Let It Out,Like A Cowboy,Love's Just A Feeling,Serious Love,She Used To Be Mine,Slow Hands,Take Me To The River,You Better Believe.

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Holdin' Me Back(ShaneMc.),Strip That Down(Maggie,Tim) 

Reviews:First Thing First, Serious Love.

Playlist:Boom Pow,Falling,Femme Like You,Fragile,Lady In Red,Lay Our Flowers,Love's Just A Feeling,Mirror Mirror,Open My Heart,Slow Hands,Straight To The Castle,Taking Care of You,The Queen,You Better Believe.

By request : I Am Your Man, She Used To Be Mine.

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First Thing First(Klara W), Serious Love(Scott B). 

Reviews:Lay Our Flowers,Love's Just A Feeling,Slow Hands.

Playlist:Boom Pow,Fragile,I Am Your Man,Lady In Red,Love Remains,Open My Heart,Run Me Like A River,Scared of the Dark,She Used To Be Mine,Sound of Silence,Straight To The Castle,Swing Time Boogie,Taking Care of You,You Better Believe.

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Lay Our Flowers(Neville,Julie),Love's Just A Feeling(Maggie G),Slow Hands(Jose M). 

Reviews:Lady In Red,Taking Care of You, You Better Believe.

Playlist:I Am Your Man,Break Free Cha, Helium,Happily Ever After,Let It Out,Like A Cowboy,Pink Champagne,She Used To Be Mine,Sign of Times,Straight To The Castle,Thumbs Up,To The Metal.

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***No Class on 25th, May, 2017. 

Lady In Red (Simon W),Taking Care of You(Ria V), You Better Believe(Maggie and Gary)

Reviews:I Am Your Man,Let It Out,Straight To The Castle.

Playlist:The Anthem,Bring Down The House,Broken,Don't Cry Anymore,Giving Up On You,Heaven On Earth,In American,Like A Cowboy,Love Remains,Pieces,Saved My Soul,She Used To Be Mine,Sign Of The Times,To The Metal.

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I Am Your Man(FredW,NielsP),Let It Out(Rachael),Straight To The Castle(JoeyW) 

Reviews:Like A Cowboy,She Used To Be Mine,Sign of the Times.

Playlist:The Anthem,Boom Pow,Chunky,Falling,Giving Up On You,Grace,Helium,In America,Love Remains,Pom Poms,Run Me Like A River,Stay My Love, Sound of Silence,To The Metal.

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