Just Drunk Enough(Rachael W),Tightrope(Maggie G),Vaiven(Rob F). 

Reviews:85,Hide the Wine.

Playlist:3 Rules,Beautiful Wonderful,Best Mistakes,Boots,Brucie,Dunk It,Guilty As Hell,Hide And Seek,I Remember,The Last Word,Lights Down Low,Muddy Waters,Perfect,Sexy Beaches,She Used To Be Mine,To The Moon & Back,Tearing Us Apart,Trompeta,Woo Woo,You Are The Reason.

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 85(Rachael,Kerry),Hide The Wine(Michele,Michael).


Playlist:Break Free Cha,Down,First Thing First,I Remember,Lonely Drum,Meaning of Life,My Reason,Perfect,Power Mix,Serious Love,Story,Strip That Down,Tearing Us Apart,Tender Heart,That Ceiling Feeling,You Are The Reason.

Requests:3 Rules,Coming Unplugged,Love Remains,Mates of Soul,Private Dancer,Think I'm Sexy.

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Brucie (Scott B)-Classic 

Reviews:I Remember,Tearing Us Apart.

Playlist:Beautiful In My Eyes,Cut Me Down,Electric Love,Feel,Here Right Here,Imagine,No Stress,Paris In The Rain,Perfect,Still Got The Blues,Story,Tension,You And I,You Are The Reason.

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I Remember(Tracie L), Tearing Us Apart(Ria V). 

Reviews:Perfect,Story,You Are The Reason.

Playlist:Against All Odd,Blue Sky,Break Free Cha,Dunk It,Electric Love,Guilty As Hell, Hurts Like A Cha Cha,Lady In Red,The Last Word,Lay It Back,Mates of Soul,NY Cha,Obsessed,Paris In The Rain.

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 Perfect(Joshua,Alison),Story(Madisson G),You Are The Reason(Julie & Neville).

Reviews:Electric Love,Paris In The Rain.

Playlist:3 Rules,A Lesson In Love,Beautiful Wonderful,Cut Me Down,Dunk It,I Am Your Man,Hot Damn,It's Up To You,Mates of Soul,Take Me To The Water,Taking Care Of You,That Ceiling Feeling,To The Moon & Back,Woo Woo.

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Electric Love(Amy B.),Paris In The Rain(Jose V. and Sebastien B). 

Reviews:Dunk It,Mates of Soul.

Playlist:Boots,Coming Unplugged,Cut Me Down,Guilty As Hell,Lay It Back,Muddy Waters,Part-Time Girlfriend,Safe In These Arms,Sexy Beaches,Should Be Loved,Straight To The Castle,Tender Heart,The One You're Waiting On,To The Moon & Back.

Requests:Boat Stuck In A Bottle,Hot Damn.

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 Dunk It(Niels,Dee and Kate),Mates of Soul(Gary O,Guillaume,NielsP).

Reviews:Cut Me Down,Sweet Caroline,To The Moon & Back.

Playlist:3 Rules,Against All Odd,Beat Of Your Heart,Best Mistakes,Enough Is Enough,Lay It Back,Lights Down Low,Maniac,Muddy Waters,Murder My Heart,Strip That Down,Take Me To The River,Tender Heart,Time To Surrender.

Requests :We'll Stay Young,Tension,Sock It To Ya,Boat Stuck In A Bottle,Sorry For Honesty.

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Cut Me Down(Guyton,Fred,Shane),Sweet Caroline(Darren B),To The Moon & Back(Debbie,Gary) 

Reviews:Muddy Waters,Tender Heart.

Playlist:3 Rules,Beautiful Wonderful,Boots,Bound To You,Don't Cry Anymore,Guilty As Hell,Hurts Like A Cha Cha,Lay It Back,Lights Down Low,Maniac,My Reason,No Stress,Part-time Girlfriend,Power Mix,Sexy Beaches,Tension.

Trompeta,We'll Stay Young.

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Muddy Waters(DarrenB),Tender Heart(Saku & Jonas). 

Reviews:3 Rules,Lay It Back,Maniac.

Playlist:In America,Boots,Dame Mas,Falling,Fever,First Thing First,Guilty As Hell,Love Remains,Mirror Mirror,No Sun On Sunday,Part-time Girlfriend,Pull Me Closer,She Used To Be Mine,Sound of Silence,Tension,To Be Human,Wandering Heart,We're In Heaven.

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3 Rules(Paul,Guilluame),Lay It Back(Shane,Guyton,Fred),Maniac(Jonas D) 

Reviews:Boots,Guilty As Hell,Tension.

Playlist:Against All Odds,Beautiful Wonderful,Happily Ever After,The Last Word,Lights Down Low,Part-Time Girlfriend,Private Dancer,Should Be Loved,Somebody Wants You,Stuck In My Head,That Ceiling Feeling,Woo Woo.

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