***No class on 5/04/'17 and 5/25/'17.

Like A Cowboy(Fred W),She Used To Be Mine(Rachael,Caroline),Sign of the Times(Ruben,Melissa) 

Reviews:Helium,In America,whatchugot.

Playlist:Blue Sky,Chunky,Doin' What I Like,Follow Me,Giving Up On You,Grace,His Only Need,I Belong To You,No Man's Land,Open My Heart,Run Me Like A River,Saved My Soul,Scared of the Dark,Stomp Your Feet,To The Metal,Will You Call Me.

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 Helium(Ria V.),In America(Daniel,Jose),Whatchugot(Julie,Neville)

Reviews:Chunky,Grace,To the Metal.

Playlist:Bae,Beautiful In My Eyes,Blessed,Boom Pow,Darling Hold My Hand,The Ghost of You,Giving Up On You,Happily Ever After,Heaven On Eartn,Love Me Right,Run Me Like A River,Saved My Soul,Scarborough Waltz,Thumbs Up,Trespassing,Tribal Heartbeat,24K Magic,50 Ways.

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***5/04/'17, 星期四, 活動中心場地維修停課一次. 

Chunky(Caroline P),Grace(Julie,Neville),To The Metal(Roy V,Sebastiaan)

Reviews:Bae,Giving Up On You,Saved My Soul.

Playlist:Adrenaline Rusn, Boom Pow,Darling Hold My Hand,Deep End,Happily Ever After,It's Gotta Be You,Keep It Groovin',Love Remain,Run Me Like A River,Stay My Love,The Ghost Of You,The Pearl,Tuesday Blues,Wow Asia,2 Become 1.

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 Bae(Raymond,Roy,Fiona,Jonas),Giving Up On You(Klara W),Saved My Soul(Esmeralda P)

Reviews:2 Become 1,Boom Pow,Run Me Like A River.

Playlist:The Anthem,Burning,Deep End,Doin' What I Like,The Flute,The Ghost of You,Hide and Seek,Intrigue,Open My Heart,Pink Champagne,Scared Of The Dark,Sound of Silence,Stand By You,Sugar Rush,Will You Be There For Me.

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 2 Become 1(Alison & Peter),Boom Pow(Jo T.,Scott B.),Run Me Like A River(Jo K,RoyV.Jef,Guillauame)

Reviews:Deep End,the Ghost of You,Hide and Seek.

Playlist:Amame,Breathe Easy,Caribbean Pearl,Change My Ways,Coming Unplugged,Dangerously,Doin' What I Like,Fly High,Gimme A Chance,Guardian Angel,Handclap,Mony Mony,Open My Heart,Scared of the Dark,Scarlet Devil,Thumbs Up.

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Deep End(Craig B),The Ghost Of You(Roy V),Hide and Seek(Niels P) 

Reviews:Doin' What I Like,Open My Heart,Scared of the Dark.

Playlist:Bittersweet Memory,Bound To You,Dance for Evermore,Falling,Just Let Me Cry,Larger Than Life,Love Remains,Pull Me Closer,Say It Again,Stay My Love,Stomp Your Feet,Take Me To The Water,Tango with Me Darling,Thumbs Up,Undo,Woman Up.

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 Doin' What I Like(Neville,Julie),Open My Heart(MariaM),Scared of the Dark(maggieG)

Reviews:Dance For Evermore,Love Remains,Thumbs Up.

Playlist:The Anthem,Broken,Buona Sera Senorita,Cake By The Ocean,Don't Cry Anymore,Down,Extreme Love,Girl Crush,Happily Ever After,It's Gotta Be You, Just Let Me Cry,Pieces,Pink Champagne,Stay My Love,Stomp Your Feet,Sound of Silence.

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 Dance for Evermore(Laura S),Love Remains(Gary O),Thumbs Up(Amy ,Scott)

Reviews:Broken,Just Let Me Cry,Stomp Your Feet.

Playlist:Beast of Burden,Blessed,Carry You Home,Digital Age,Drop Dead Gorgeous,Femme Like U,Funky Love,Happily Ever After,One Reason,Pom Pom,Stay My Love,Sun Will Rise,Thy Will,The Violin,Wakey Wakey,24K Magic.

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Broken(Stephen n Lu),Just Let Me Cry(roy V),Stomp Your Feet(ShaneM) 

Reviews:Happily Ever After,Stay My Love,The Violin.

Playlist:The Anthem,Corazon Diamante,Drop Dead Gorgeous,Heaven On Earth,Falling,Femme Like U,Fragile,It's Gotta Be You,One Reason,Pink Champagne,Shady,Shake That,Take Me To The River,Thy Will.

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Happily Ever After(MaddisonG),Stay My Love(MaggieG),The Violin(KateS) 

Reviews:Drop Dead Gorgeours,Femme Like U,Thy Will.

Playlist:The Anthem,Down,Harden Up Princess,Heartbeat,Italiano,Live Too Fast,One Reason,Pink Champagne,Sound of Silence,Stuck In My Head,Tango With Me Darling,Zillionaire.

Have Fun Go Mad with Alt. music.

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