Happily Ever After(MaddisonG),Stay My Love(MaggieG),The Violin(KateS) 

Reviews:Drop Dead Gorgeours,Femme Like U,Thy Will.

Playlist:The Anthem,Down,Harden Up Princess,Heartbeat,Italiano,Live Too Fast,One Reason,Pink Champagne,Sound of Silence,Stuck In My Head,Tango With Me Darling,Zillionaire.

Have Fun Go Mad with Alt. music.

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Drop Dead Gorgeous(Neville,Julie),Femme Like U(Esmeralda),Thy Will(Joey W) 

Reviews :The Anthem,One Reason,Pink Champagne.

Playlist:Down,Keep It Groovin',Heaven On Eartn,It's Gotta Be You,Live Too Fast,Mirror Mirror,Pull Me Closer,The Real World,So Good,Stuck In My Head,Sun Will Rise,Tango With Me Darling.

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The Anthem(Scott B),One Reason(Guyton,Roy,Fiona),Pink Champagne(Rachael W)

Reviews:Stuck In My Head,Tango With Me Darling.

Playlist:Ain't Misbehavin,Down,Falling,From The Ground Up,It's Gotta Be You,Live Too Fast,Shady,Shards of Glass,So Just Dance Dance Dance,Sound of Silence,Take Me To The Water,Will You Be There For Me.

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謝謝 Juliet 老師特地百忙中抽空前來並教我們一首如此美好的舞

1/26 和 2/02 停課, 2/09 開始上課. 祝大家 新年快樂🎆,萬事如意 !

Tango With Me Darling(Rob,Daniel)-taught by Juliet Lam

Stuck In My Head(Shane, Saku)

Reviews:Down,Live Too Fast.

Playlist:Adrenaline Rush,Don't Make Me Suffer,I Feel It Coming,It's Gotta Be You,Looking Like That,Make You Move,My Father's Sun,Once In A While,Pom Poms,The Real World,Sun Will Rise,Take Me To The River.

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Down(Maria M),Live Too Fast(Michele Perron) 

Reviews:It's Gotta Be You,The Real World.

Playlist:Coming Unplugged,Corazon Diamante,Digital Age,Falling,Funky Love,I Feel It Coming,Off The Chain,Once In A While,The Other Side,Rolling In The Deep,Sound of Silence,Sun Will Rise,Whatever Happens,Witness.

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It's Gotta Be You(Neville,Julie),The Real World(RuthisB).

Reviews:I Feel It Coming,Once In A While,Sun Will Rise.

Playlist:Don't Cry Anymore,Doors of Life,Hands of Love,Heartbeat,I Came To Love You,Intranguilite,Pull Me Closer,Rockabye Baby,Shady,Shards of Glass,So Good,Take Me To The Water,Zillionaire,24K Magic.

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 I Feel It Coming(Ria),Once In A While(Fiona,Roy)-reteach,Sun Will Rise(Roy,Jef)

Reviews:Doors of Life,Heartbeat,Shards of Glass.

Playlist:Falling,Fragile,Harden Up Princess,Italiano,A Lesson in Love,Looking like That,Pull Me Closer,Rockabye Baby,Say It Again,Shady,Sit Still Look Pretty,Sound of Silence,Take Me to the Water,Will You Call Me,24K Magic.

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 Doors of Life(Michael B),Heartbeat(Danaiel T),Shards of Glass(Karl-Harry W)

Reviews:Rockabye Baby,Shady,Sit Still Look Pretty.

Playlist:Corazon Diamante,Funky Love,Harden Up Princess,Heaven On Earth,Italiano,Keep It Groovin',Looking Like That,Mirror Mirror,Pom Poms,Say It Again,So Good,Take Me To The River,Take Me To The Water,Will You Call Me, 24K Magic.

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Rockabye Baby(Jef,Lee),Shady(Darren),Sit Still Look Pretty(Amy,Rhoda) 

Reviews :Looking Like That, Pretend,Will You Call Me, 24K Magic.

Playlist:Blessed,Boys & Girls,Falling,Funky Love,Heaven On Earth,Human After All,Italiano,Like A Phoenix,Make You Move,My Vibe,So Good,Sound of Silence.

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12月1日和12月8日停課, 12月15日恢復正常上課. No classes on 12/01/'16 and 12/08/'16.

 24K Magic(Rob F),Looking Like That(Rachael M),Pretend(Classic by Ed L)Will You Call Me(Niels P)

Reviews :Blessed,Funky Love,So Good.

Playlist:Falling,Fragile,Heaven On Earth,Human After All,I Came To Love You,Italiano,Lay Down and Dance,Mirror Mirror,My Vibe,Once In A While,Pieces,Pom Poms,Say It Again,Sound of Silence,Zillionaire.


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