The Bomp - step sheet

56 Dances : Ain't No Angel, AK Freak, All Of Me, Blue Finger Lou, Break Free Cha,Breathe Easy, Coca Cola Shake, Coffee Time Samba, Coochie Bang Bang, Doesn't Mean Goodbye, Eternal Secret, Feel, For The First Time, Girl Crush, Goodbye Cha, Hard To Say It, Have Fun Go Mad, Hypnotized,I Hope You Find It, I Scream, Jump On A Ride, Just Be, Just Let It Go, Just Once, Mystery Of You, Ivory Tower, Leave Me, Living To Love You,Mmm Yeah, My Love Forgive Me, Nitty Gritty, No Regrets, One Less, The Other Side, Pull The Trigger, Right To Be Wrong, Rainmaker, Ring My Bell, Ritmo, Rock & Roll King, Rolling Down Under, Scarlet Devil, So Feisty, Sugar Rush, Superbad, Thankful, A Thousand Miles, Tribal Heartbeat, Twinkel, Up, Uptown Funk, Wakey Wakey, Whispering, With These Eyes, Wonder Train, WTF.

謝謝各位下午前來與我們同樂,下次將是 "化妝舞會", 將儘快公佈時間與地點,期待各位再度參加.

P.S. 顧曼娜老師及學生將於 10/24/'15, 星期六, 下午1:00 - 5:00 舉辦Social Party, 有興趣參加的人, 請與她聯絡 :



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