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8/14/2016, 星期日, 8/28/2016, 星期日, 下午 2:00 - 6:00 social party, 因為9月初 WOW workshop, 所以在這兩次 social 會多跳些 WOW party list裡的舞, 歡迎有興趣參加的人告知任何妳想要跳的舞.

地址 : 天母居民活動中心 (台北市立圖書館天母分館4F), 台北市士林區中山北路七段154巷6號4樓.

交通 : 聯營公車(天母總站) 220, 224, 267, 601, 616, 680, 685, 紅19.

         捷運轉乘(淡水信義線石牌站)轉公車 224, 601, 紅19至天母總站.

Social Play List, 8/14/’16

1.   A Lesson In Love (Dee M, Simon W)

2.   About Feelings (Ria V)

3.   Adrenaline Rush (Maggie G)

4.   Aww Honey (Jannie,Kristen)/My Name’s Andre (Andre A)

5.   Beautiful In My Eyes (Simon W)

6.   Blue Finger Lou (Max P, A. T.)

7.   Burning (Cato L)

8.   Cake By The Ocean (Scott B)

9.   Carry You Home (Fred W)

10. Come And Get It (Darren B)

11. Coming Unplugged (Patrick F)

12. Corazon Diamante (Roy V, Maggie G, Gary)

13. Confident (Amy,Darren)(update 8/02/'16, sorry, 忘了排上去)

14. Dangerously (Roy V, Jose M)

15. Darling Hold My Hand (Julie H, Neville F)

16. Despacito (J-P M)

17. Digital Age (Daniel T, Jose M, Roy V)

18. Don’t Make Me Suffer (Jose M, Roy V, Sebastiaan H)

19. Don’t You Remember (Dee M)

20. Extreme Love (Neils P)

21. Far From The Tree (Paul J, Jannie)

22. Feel Good (Shane M)

23. Feel The Light (Roy H, Fiona)

24. Fine By Me (Fred W)

25. Fragile (Guyton, Fred, J-P)

26. Funk N Feel It (Rachael W, Arjay)

27. Girls Like (Julie H, Neville F)

28. Girl Power (Debbie R, Jose M, Simon W)

29. Goodbye Cha (Julie H, Neville F)

30. Handclap (Bracken, Brandon)

31. Harden Up Princess (Simon W)

32. I Can’t Do This (Darren B)

33. I Know A Guy (Simon W)

34. I’m Coming Over (Roy H, Fiona)

35. In The Closet (Linda M, Roy H)

36. Just Let Me (Maggie G)

37. Keep Out The Kitchen (Joey W)/Get Out The Kitchen (Joey W) 

38. Let Me Love You (MIL)

39. Linger (Julie, Neville)

40. Make You Move (Scott B)

41. More Dessert (Guyton M, Klara)

42. My Father’s Son (Roy H, Roy V)

43. No Mercy (Roy V, Darren B)

44. Oops (Jose,Roy,Daniel)

45. Part Of The List (Malene J, Rachael W)

46. Pieces (Dustin B)

47. Razor Sharp (Stephen S)

48. Running Out Of Time (Julie, Neville)

49. Scarlet Devil (John R, Junior)

50. Shake That (Madisson G) 

51. Skinny Love (Roy H, Raymond S)

52. Sound Of Your Heart (Ria V)

53. Stand By You (Maggie G)

54. State Lines (Paul J, David)

55. Throwback (JoseM)

56. Trespassing (Fred W, Darren B)

57. Turn Away (Paul J, David)

58. Walk of Shame (Niels P,Simon W)

59. Walking On Air (Simon, Any G)

60. Wicked Echoes (Debbie R)

61. Will You Be There For Me (Roy V, Daniel T)

62. Woman Up (Rachael, Any C)

63. Young & Stupid (Fred W, Jose M)





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