I'm In Love With You 

  Download step sheet

  Video (Jose & Daniel demo at Windy City 2013)

Amame, Back to Life, Beautiful In My Eyes, Blurred Lines, Coming Unplugged, Counting Stars, Domino, Everything I Do, Faking It, Footprint in the Sand,Girl Power, Gotta Be Somebody,Heartbreaking Time, Hey Bruce,  I Hope You Find It, Jump On A Ride, Let the Sky Fall, Murder My Heart, My Spanish Love, Nitty Gritty, No Life After You, No Man's land, NY Cha, Once Upon A December, Outlaws of Love,PostCode Envy, Pot of Gold, Pride In Me, Razor Sharp, Rolling in the Deep, Shakin' My Head, Sing Sing Sing, Somewhere in My Car, Target Practice, Treasure, Trespassing, Troublemaker (WillCraig), Turn Away, Up All Night, What Now ?, What's the Deal, Wrong Side Slide.



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