Party 地點 : 台北市北投運動中心五樓, 台北市北投區石牌路一段39巷100號, 13:00 - 18:00.

Christmas Party request list :

1.Ain't Wot U Do, 2.AK Freak, 3.Alcazar, 4.All I Can Say, 5.Bailando Amor, 6.Blue Finger Lou, 7.Body Goes Boom, 8.Booty Chuk, 9.Cha Cha Burn, 10.Cheesecake, 11.Chicago Bonfire, 12.City Limits, 13.Clap Happy, 14.Coca Cola Shake, 15.Crazy Stupid Love, 16.Eternal Secret, 17.Everything Will Change, 18.Faithfully, 19.Fireball, 20.Ghost, 21.Have Fun Go Mad, 22.Hit The Floor, 23.It's Murda, 24.Just Let It Go, 25.Make It Shake, 26.Melon Heart, 27.Mystery Of You, 28.Never Should Have, 29.Nitty Gritty, 30.No Goodbyes, 31.Not So Ordinary, 32.Off The Chain, 33.One Great Mystery (short track), 34.One Less, 35.Only A Woman, 36.Poetry In Motion, 37.Pull The Trigger, 38.Ring My Bells, 39.Running Scared, 40.Say Geronimo, 41.Scandalous, 42.Scarlet Devil, 43.Showstopper, 44.So Feisty, 45.Swing Time Boogie, 46.Through The Fire, 47.Timber, 48.Undo, 49.Washed In The Water, 50.Wander Train, 51.The Other Side (aka. WOW Hawaii), 52.You'll Be Okay, 53.Young Blood.

1. Evergreen, 2.Only A Dream. (As of 11/05/'14)

1. Dear Future Husband, 2. Diamond Dust. (As of 11/06/'14)

1. Dance Again, 2. Little Apple, 3. Time Bomb, 4. MMM Yeah. (As of 11/07/'14)

1. Badda Badda Swing, 2.Feel, 3. Footloose (Rob Fowler) 4. Last Call Boys. (As of 11/11/'14)

TBA : Bang, Beneath It All, Doesn't Mean Goodbye, Just Be, Last Call Boys, Run Away With You, Twist Twist Twist. (As of 12/09/'14)

         Beast of Burden, Love Never Felt So Good. (As of 12/13/'14)

         Living To Love You (As of 12/18/'14)


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